All the weird kids know

February 10, 2008

I have 15 minutes to type up an entertaining post for you. There’s a meeting that just started- thank God I wasn’t invited. Now I have some time to kill until the end of the work day unfortunately they just blocked Facebook here- evil bastards. Or are they? According to this maybe they’re trying to save me….

Oh well, there are a ton of other things to keep me occupied on the internet. For example, I just found a website who’s aim is much like mine. Take a look at Absolute Random. Man, talk about zero tolerance…. Poor guy.


Need some new music? Listen. If you liked that, here‘s some more.


The little bong that could

Flavored bong water? (Slightly NSFW)

I don’t know why so many links I find are drug related…. Is it possible I have unresolved drug issues? I wish I did so I could go here.


How to survive a day at the office

Unusual uses for ordinary things


Okay, times up….




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